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Area Director Information

Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant is looking for 8 Area Directors, States are listed below:

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania
Rhode Island, Massachusetts
Main, New Hampshire, Vermont

Job Description as follows:

Pageant Area Director has to have an upbeat and pleasant personality, have to be able to converse with all types of people regardless of background.

Pageant Area Director, will spend much of the time recruiting participants for the pageant. You meet with local and national business representatives, telling them about your pageant and why it’s wonderful. You may sell space in a program, offer to promote products onstage or in a booth inside the ballroom. You also ask for donations to give as prizes from local businesses etc…
Pageant Area Director recruit participants all ages 0 – 20+ for specific categories. You should contact schools, churches, performing arts clubs, dance studios, department stores, etc. to find contestants and also to see if they will be willing to advertise their clothing using the contestants as models.

You will be part of the process in finding a venue to hold the pageant and supervise a voluntary team that will help on the pageant day at the venue.
Pageant Area Director will have to recruit 30 contestants or more.
Pageant Area Director will report to the National Director of the Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant.

Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant responsibilities to the area director
ASBP will give 10% of entry fees to the area directors.
If you recruit 150 contestants and more you will get a 20% of entry fees.
ASBP will provide email addresses to be used as well as feature you on our we

bsite with your information.

ASBP Supplies listed below
Gift Bags
Sales Merchandize

Giving Back

ASBP Aspires to give strength, confidence and the tools for success to each participant as well as 10 % of all proceeds from each quality production which will be donated to cancer research. In addition, girls battling or recovering from cancer, ASBP will pay your entire entry fee to any of our events including the Nationals.

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