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Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant

Rules & Regulations

We are a natural pageant system that travels throughout the east coast. We strive to bring well run, family orineted events to all states boardering the Atlantic Coast. Should you be awarded a title or crowned Queen in one of our regional events it is an amazing opportunity. One that must be taken seriously. Certain behavior will not be tolerated not just for our Queens but for every participant. At all times no contestant will display an act of poor sportsmanship. ASBP is looking for role models who are young women who act appropriately with values and respect for yourself and others. This should be followed at the events as well as when using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition, if you win a gift certificate to our Nationals at one of our regionals you must attend the nationals to redeem this award. All Queens must commit to attending the 2019 pageant to crown the new winners. All titleholders are encouraged to attend ASBP appearances throughout the year as well as to find their own.

By signing this application I affirm all the information I provided is true and accurate. I understand that if contested I may have to prove my child’s or my own age. I also understand that the directors have the right to change any rules if necessary.

In addition, I know that the judges’ decisions are final, good sportsmanship is required at all times and failure to do so may result in disqualification. If disqualified for bad behavior I understand that I forfeit my entry fees and am not eligible for any awards.

Contestants, parents, and guardians release any images taken to ASBP for publicity purposes.
Contestants must provide a stamped self-addressed envelope for judges sheets to be mailed out to them.

I also agree that the Owners, Directors, Pageant Staff, event location, and host hotel cannot be
held responsible for accident, injury or loss during the event or travel to and from the event. I have read and understand fully all the rules of Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant stated in this document, on the website and throughout the ASBP material given to me.

ASBP does not give refunds to contestants unless a pageant is canceled or rescheduled. If a contestant can not make an event we will transfer the deposit or entry fee.

Most importantly – Remember ASBP is a family friendly quality event.

Have Fun! And allow yourself to make the most of this amazing opportunity that is Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant.

Giving Back

ASBP Aspires to give strength, confidence and the tools for success to each participant as well as 10 % of all proceeds from each quality production which will be donated to cancer research. In addition, girls battling or recovering from cancer, ASBP will pay your entire entry fee to any of our events including the Nationals.

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