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Atlantic Seaboard Beauty Pageant


We want you to join us at one of our State Pageants. 

Our pageants build confidence and self-esteem, foster new friendships, offer numerous opportunities for contestants, teach the value of giving back and so many more lessons. Plus The Crown and sash!

$225.00 complete registration – no hidden fees

We also offer prizes for each contestant – everyone feels like a winner at Atlantic Seaboard beauty Pageant.

There will be 8 Title winners with the highest combined score from the beauty category, the sportswear category and the photogenic category. Each winner will receive a rhinestone crown, banner, $250.00 to the national finals and a gift bag.

There will also be a winner in each age category in beauty, sportswear and photogenic. Each of these winners will receive a crown, trophy, and gift bag.

In addition there will be up to four runners up in each category. Each runner up will receive a trophy and gift bag. We will also award winners for best gown, best sportswear, best personality, prettiest hair, eyes and smile. Each one of these winners will receive a gift bag and award. All winners are eligible for the Nationals

Age As Of January 1, 2020 Age Divisions

Baby Miss
0 – 24 months

Tiny Tot Miss
2 – 4 years

Mini Miss
5 – 7 years

Little Miss
8 – 10 years

Young Miss
11 – 13 years

Junior Teen Miss
14 – 16 years

Teen Miss
17 – 19 years

20 years & up

Miss Contestants may be married or single

“Beauty is not just physical, it is how you feel inside,
It reflects in your eyes and resonates from your soul.”



Beauty Competition: All contestants will compete in this event in each regional as well as the finals. The beauty competition will begin with each age group entering the stage together in a group line-up. Baby Miss and Tiny Tot Miss contestants must have a parent or sibling on stage with them. All other divisions must enter the stage alone. All contestants will leave the stage and re-enter individually. Little Miss Contestants and older will be required to give a short on-stage introduction. This should include the contestants name, where they are from and what goals, ambitions, interests or plans for the future are. Then the contestant will take the runway hitting each star along T. The beauty competition counts for 50% of the score.


Sportswear: This is a fun freestyle modeling event. Attire should be trendy casual wear. This is your opportunity to show the judges your distinct style and personality. Please, NO PROPS. The sportswear competition counts for 25% of the score.


Photogenic: This should be a professional 8X10 HEADSHOT. Models may wear light make-up. Please do not submit any Glamour Shots. The photogenic competition counts for 25% of the score.


Please remember that this is just the opinion of the judges and with a different set of judges on a different day the results would be different. 100 is the highest score a contestant can get from a judge. Scores are based on beauty, confidence, poise, walk, style and attitude. The judges sheets are hand written and then calculated by a tabulator. Judges sheets will be mailed after the event.

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe

Giving Back

ASBP Aspires to give strength, confidence and the tools for success to each participant as well as 10 % of all proceeds from each quality production which will be donated to cancer research. In addition, girls battling or recovering from cancer, ASBP will pay your entire entry fee to any of our events including the Nationals.

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